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About the Boise Museum Association


Experience fascinating wonders, discover the captivating history of Idaho and its people, and enrich your life and that of your family's. The Boise Museum Association is committed to enhancing the community's experience of Art, Science, Nature, History and Culture.


Objective and Purposes

The objective of the Boise Museum Association is to promote and aid the enrichment and advancement of museums as educational centers, as agencies of research, as cultural centers, and as the ultimate public repositories for objects having cultural, artistic, aesthetic, scientific, and historical significance; to further cooperation and communication among museums, museum workers, and others interested in museums; to foster and support special training of professionals and volunteers, sponsor traveling exhibitions and other forms of public and museological programs, to encourage cultural involvement; and to generally further public understanding and interest in the goals of its member organizations.

Categories of Membership

Institutional members shall be museums, historical societies, art museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and kindred institutions whose official address lies within the boundaries of the City of Boise, and adjacent areas.  Institutional members shall substantially meet the American Association of Museum’s criteria for a museum and are nonprofit or government organizations.  An institutional member shall be entitled to one vote.

Associate members shall be those non-institutional organizations that contribute to BMA.  They shall not be accorded voting privileges.



Associate memberships are $50/year and institutional memberships are $80/year.


Meetings are held four times per year. Unless otherwise decided by a quorum of the institutions, they are held on the first Wednesday of the month at noon and are hosted by one of the member institutions.

Boise Museum Association Officers for 2022-24

Jacey Brain-President

Old Idaho Penitentiary

Cindy Busche - Vice President

Boise WaterShed

Erin Seymour- Secretary
Discovery Center of Idaho

Debbie Sager- Treasurer
Wassmuth Center for Human Rights


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